"Responsibility of an attorney is, to protect his clients.

Not more and not less." Ferdinand von Schirach


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Creation of an Agency

  • On general principle, an attorney proceeds as assigned by his client.
  • An agency comes into being within the context of an attorney-client relationship if the parties agree on the content of the agency, the attorney’s fee and the foreseeable costs.
  • The attorney may also engage the cooperation of his assistant attorneys, articled clerks, foreign legal counsels working with him as well as other attorneys, European Community jurists and assistant European Community jurists in order to carry out the agency, unless the client excludes this in writing at the time the agency is created.

Prices and traffic

  • The attorney’s fee is a subject of free agreement between the attorney and the client. The quantity of the fee depends highly on the complexity of the legal issue, the value of the given case, the seriousness of the case and the attorney’s responsibility that comes with it.
  • Publication of attorney’s fee in chart formats is not permitted based on the resolution of the bar association in force. Attorney’s fee is to be determined individually in every case, agreed by the attorney and the client.