"Responsibility of an attorney is, to protect his clients.

Not more and not less." Ferdinand von Schirach


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1. Legal representation in all criminal cases, primarily in cases in connection with offences against traffic regulations and against public finance

Inter alia, the Act C of 2012 on the Criminal Code determines behaviour types that are considered to be a crime and specifies the available penalties for their perpetrators as well until the Act XIX of 1998 on criminal proceedings regulates criminal procedural law. Dr. Keller’s Law Firm offers legal representation in a range variety of criminal proceedings where professional experience gained since 1990 is which enables our firm to serve our client’s needs and to achieve the most beneficial decision regarding the client in each case, concerning the circumstances.


2. Proceedings initiated or pursued by a private person (a subsidiary prosecutor)

In the event that the competent authority has dismissed the legal proceeding launched against the perpetrator opposite to the conviction of the aggrieved party and the prosecution has rejected the complaint against such dismiss or the prosecutor has dropped the charge in a criminal case, the aggrieved party as a private person may initiate another proceeding.


3. Legal representation of the aggrieved party in a criminal case

Based on section 51 of the Act XIX of 1998, the aggrieved party in a criminal case is able to exercise his or her rights by a legal representative. Such representation comes up in criminal law typically in the fields of compensation of the aggrieved party for his/her civil claim, that is material or non-material damages or monetary damages in which fields the achievement of the most optimal compensation of the damage depends strongly on professional know-how.