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1. Agreement as to succession

According to the regulations of the Civil Code, an agreement as to succession means an agreement where the testator names the other party to the agreement his/her heir in exchange for maintenance, annuity or care to be provided to the testator him/herself or to a third person specified in the agreement for his entire estate or a specific part thereof, or in respect of certain property, and the other party undertakes the commitment to provide said maintenance, annuity or care.

2. Donatio mortis causa

According to the regulations of the Civil Code if a gift has been given under the condition that the donee outlives the donor, the regulations governing gifts shall apply to the contract with the exception that the formal requirements to be applied shall be the same as those for agreements as to succession.

3. Testament

According to the regulations of the Civil Code, testators shall be entitled to freely dispose of their property, or a part thereof, at time of death by a will. Testaments shall be drafted in person.

4. Legal representation in probate actions

There is need for legal representation in probate proceedings as like in any other legal proceedings particularly in cases where any legal dispute is arisen between successors and other parties of interest, for example participation on inheritance.

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