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Criminal law

Defence in criminal cases, especially in criminal cases in connection with offences against traffic regulations and against public finance or proceedings initiated or pursued by a private person (a subsidiary prosecutor) or legal representation of the aggrieved party in a criminal case.


Legal representation of the person prosecuted in a misdemeanor proceeding or legal representation of the victim in a misdemeanor proceeding.

Real estate law, contract law

Legal representation in cases at land registry, SPA (sale and purchase agreement), establishment of a condominium, donation contract, establishment of beneficial ownership, maintenance agreement, lease contract.

Business law

Incorporation of a business association, amendment of the memorandum of association, settlement of legal dispute between members of the business association, voluntary or compulsory winding-up of business associations.

Administrative law

Tax cases, wealth gain investigations, excise tax and custom cases, construction management cases, legal representation in public administration proceedings.

Civil law proceedings

Legal representation in actions for damages, in legal proceedings between business associations, in property law proceedings, in family law proceedings and inheritance law cases.

Family law contracts

Prenuptial agreements.

Out-of-court proceedings

Order for payment, execution.

Inheritance law

Agreement as to succession, donatio mortis causa, testament, legal representation in probate actions.

Legal consultancy

Agency (client care letter), attorney’s fee.